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My name is Shoshauna Shy!
I'm in my 20th year of running a solo cat care business in my North American city. I have experience providing care for well over 300 felines. During this time, I've encountered numerous hiccups and borderline fiascos with clients & their cats in various household settings. Rather than you having to wrestle alone through trial & error with unexpected surprises, I can offer you a shortcut to solutions with my ebook as well as through individualized support. 

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What I Offer


How to sail through the pitfalls & snafus while on assignment. This ebook covers over 40 examples of stressful situations, and tried-&-true measures to successfully navigate through them.

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30-minute support sessions for any questions & potential scenarios for which you are curious or presently facing. Available via Zoom or by phone.

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to assist you with staying on track & on top of details:

1) Introductory Rate & Policy Sheet
2) Client Profile Sheet
3) Household Worksheet
4) Vet Agreement
5) Cat Care Disaster Plan

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Thank you for contacting me! I will respond within 24 hours. I'm looking forward to connecting with you. -Shoshauna

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