Ebook: Cat Sitter Secrets 

How to Sail through the Kerfuffles and Snafus
While on Assignment

A 40-page guidebook to help you navigate
the challenges of being a cat sitter

Sample Scenarios:

You reach Felix’s porch to find the owner's teenage son throwing a raucous party, so you verify Felix has ample food & water, and then you...

On day three of your care stint for Tabby Abby, you notice someone has rifled through the mail you placed on the kitchen table, and the laptop is missing. Quickly, you...

You're meeting a new client for the first time. While in conversation, Plumpy leaps up & sinks his teeth into his owner's hand. Upon observing this, you...

A client tells you that if Ely should need a vet on your watch, just take him in & have the vet put him down. At this point, you...

           When presented with these quandaries, what would you do?


  Not only  a cat whisperer, Shoshauna is a whiz at gaining the trust of cat care owners. This book condenses years of hard-earned wisdom into well-paced chapters with memorable examples of lessons to learn the easy way. She breaks down what you need to know and why, including how to set boundaries, negotiate responsibilities, and honor client confidentiality. You’ll get common sense advice no one but a seasoned pro would know, including how to handle angry exes, recognize “cat scratch fever,” and identify red flags that might put you in a pickle. Just as every rose has its thorn, every furball has its hairballs, and Shoshauna helps you appreciate the full gamut of the work before you.

--- Angela Rydell, award-winning writer, writing coach, cat client

With unrivaled talent and wisdom,
Shoshauna lets you in on all the trade secrets you need to know to run a successful business. If you want to get paid for spending time with cats,
Cat Sitter Secrets will leave you purring.

--- Timothy Walsh, Ph.D., author, poet, guitarist, cat client